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Are Art Museums Adapting Fast Enough to Changing Visitor Expectations? A study conducted by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum found that visitors who watched a video about an exhibition spent an average of 6.5 minutes longer in the exhibition than those who did not watch the video. Additionally, those who watched the video reported feeling more engaged with the artworks and had a greater understanding of the exhibition as a whole. Enhance the visitor experience, encourage longer visits, and promote deeper engagement with the artworks on display, through our Cine-Art Films.



We believe Collaboration is an essential part of our process. We understand Curators, Artists, and performers all have a vision for how their work is presented. We strive to work together with our clients to create the best possible products for all their needs. Ultimately, by working together, museums can produce videos that showcase their collections and exhibitions in a more compelling way, helping to inspire and educate visitors both on-site and online.


A powerful tool for art museums to create connections with their viewers by bringing the artworks and exhibitions to life. Through video, museums can provide a more immersive and engaging experience that captures the essence of the art and the stories behind it. By creating emotional connections with viewers, museums can inspire a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for art. Ultimately, video can help museums connect with viewers on a deeper level, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of art.


With our extensive experience in video production and our expertise in working with art museums, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of showcasing art through video, and we bring a keen eye for detail, storytelling, and creativity to every project. Our team has worked with museums, helping them to create videos that capture the essence of their collections and exhibitions, and connect with their audiences in new and meaningful ways. Tailored to the specific needs and goals of each museum. Whether it's a virtual tour, an educational video, or a promotional piece, we have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding results.


Artist Choose Parrish | Nanette Carter

Artist Choose Parrish | Nanette Carter

Celebrating the Parrish Art Museum’s 125th anniversary, this landmark exhibition honors the East End’s rich artistic legacy and brings greater attention to major artists practicing here today. We captured the artists of this historic exhibition through our Cine-Art Films

Artist Spotlight: Joseph Stublick

Joseph Stublick is an award-winning, internationally-selling artist based out of Long Island, New York. His work has been exhibited in many places, including The Louvre, Artexpo New York, Gaudi's La Pedrera, and The Hamptons Fine Art Fair. We capture his story through our Cine-Art Film.

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Based in the Hamptons on the East End of Long Island, New York. Our team of expert filmmakers and storytellers work closely with each client to create Cine-Art Films that are both visually stunning and emotionally impactful. We are dedicated to helping arts and cultural institutions connect with their audiences and inspire a love for the arts.


STEP 1: Discovery

During this stage, we conduct extensive research and gather information about your institution to gain a deep understanding of its history, mission, and objectives. We also work closely with you to determine the key messages and themes that will be highlighted in the Cine-Art Film.

STEP 2: Production

Once we have a clear understanding of your institution and its message, our team of experienced professionals will start the production process. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced filming techniques to create stunning visuals that bring your institution to life.

STEP 3: Post-Production

After filming is complete, we meticulously edit and refine the footage to create a compelling Cine-Art Film that showcases your institution in the best possible light. We also provide short-form videos and other marketing assets that can be used across various platforms to maximize your visitor experience.



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